LF-223D Garden Solar Insecticidal Light

LF2016-2 solar mosquito (fly) self-cleaning insecticidal lamp

Function: self-cleaning light control rain control lightning protection

Solar cell photovoltaic panel: voltage 18V power 40W

Lead-acid maintenance-free battery: voltage 12V capacity 24AH


Insect Killer Lamp

Pest Killer Lamp

Insect Trap Lamp

Bug Zapper

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Project Specifications/Parameters
solar photovoltaic panel cell voltage DC 15V
solar photovoltaic panel battery power 13W
Ternary lithium battery voltage DC 12V
Ternary lithium battery capacity 5AH
lure insect light source power 3W
Lighting source power 1W
Grid voltage DC 2000V
Rated power of whole lamp 5W
Packing size 305 × 283 × 925mm
Product material Aluminum Products Steel Pipe
Product process high temperature plastic spraying
Product Weight 4.3kg
trap area 5-10 acres

Mosquito (fly) self-cleaning sterilization integrated machine input power supply is 220V ~ 50Hz, easy to install and use, the whole function adopts chip control system to automatically enter the mosquito (fly) working state. Mosquito trapping uses the principle that multi-band 360-580nm wavelength ultraviolet light has strong phototaxis and wave-tending characteristics to mosquitoes, determines the induction wavelength to mosquitoes, develops a special light source, uses low-temperature plasma generated by discharge, and ultraviolet radiation produces phototaxis excitation effect on mosquitoes to guide mosquitoes to the light source. If you want to achieve better mosquito trapping effect, please set mosquito fly trapping agent in the machine, and configure 1200V high-voltage power grid around the light source, the mosquitoes (flies) are electrocuted on the high-voltage electric net to achieve the purpose of killing mosquitoes (flies). The machine is also equipped with sterilization function. The quartz glass tube TBUVC253.7nm ultraviolet band is used to break the DNA of bacteria and microorganisms, which can effectively kill Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, Aspergillus niger, Mucor and Citrus Toxicum.

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